I received world debut produceDear Ms. from thirty representative director Harumi Ikezaki Ltd.:

Q1、What kind of thing were you troubled with before receiving world debut produce?

Can I really do it in the United States?

What kind of person will participate in a seminar?

I was troubled when I did not understand how it was connected after a debut in America at all.


Q2、What knew the world debut produce in an opportunity?

I asked Hara directly at the seat of the social gathering of Nanimen


Q3、I would have you produce a world debut, or were you not at a loss?

was at a loss. It becomes an answer same as Q1 what was troubled with, but have produce it this time; next; tied it, and the did not know it, and hesitated.


Q4、It became when I decided it, and what asked it for world debut produce?

Hara having talked eagerly. It is only this.


Q5、I received world debut produce, and how really about?

I felt that I was a really negative human being. I got advice from Hara several times on the way in the United States.

Because there were the words, I feel like having pushed it forward before. I can send oneself unlike Japan and am the feeling that seems to be connected next.


Q6、I would like a message to a person receiving world debut produce from now on.

I was told by Hara many times, but it is really important to let you become clear whether you want to do it what oneself wants to convey. I need the physical strength, too.

Both the feeling and the body recommend that they train robustness. It is that the hand of the question goes up the place unlike a seminar to perform in Japan immediately.

Because a question is finished immediately, a seminar is on the way, and it may stop what I do not understand, to feel that I doubt, but,

Noticing as the lecturer has the thing which is not felt by just that much in Japan.

I perform a seminar in the United States and think that it was really good.



Of the United States which is famous as the nail salon where Hollywood celebrity goes toMarie NAILS

MarieNAILS is a celebrity purveyance for the government nail salon having many stores in Los Angeles and New York.
A store is had in not only the United States but also Korean Seoul and Japan and receives overwhelming support from the woman whom an entertainer and a sense of beauty are high in.

With the spiral up, it is like itMarie NAILS’sI consult for the staff training and the personnel training.

(as for the follows training scenery in Marie NAILS)






The homepage of MarieNAILS is this place>>>


TOMA Consulting Group success stories

President of TOMA Consulting Group, Akio Fujima, took my (Hara Kunio) seminar on “Overseas branding – worldwide support debut” and immediately made a contract with me.

Originally, TOMA Consulting Group had expanded into Singapore with a branch, so it seemed only natural that the next step would be the United States.

The reason that they put their faith into Spiral Up International was that they wanted to be able to expand their business into the US smoothly, and to be able to become successful in a short amount of time.

From signing the contract, we have worked together tirelessly to deliver a successful move into the US market.

From here on out, Spiral Up International and TOMA Consulting Group will continue to work together in the global market.

You can find the website for TOMA Consulting Group here (Japanese)>>


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