To the person who is looking for a business talk route abroad

Both Sony and Kyocera recurred from the global market to success of Japan

Sony making a big success worldwide now as “a global company” and Kyocera.

When there was not it, I had trouble with the sale, and the days when I was not had anything to do from the business seemed to lead to both such them and the establishment of a business interval.
Technique, its which they took there “having you handle it in an overseas company.”

This is because there is the soil which “even a thing unknown at all handles without being seized with the introduction results and a precedent in Europe and America unlike Japan if it is a good product”.
And it may seem unexpectedly, but is still popular abroad because the Japanese product has high technology, and there are many things which I decide it, and are made with a warm viewpoint.

Whether you have a world person know it or is it over without being known to anyone?
Whether you continue waiting until the goddess of the chance smiles or do you go to make the smile of the goddess?
Is there not it depending on you?

Please talk willingly because you diagnose it with spiral up whether at first the product is used in “global market” if business talk ahead is not found in the country to have a good product.
If it is used. Or if I improve it to be used. A big market called the world waits for your product.

Leave the establishment of the business talk route in all the countries of the world to spiral up.



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