Privacy Policy

1.About the acquisition and contents of the personal information

With the spiral up Co., Ltd., I acquire the name, the personal information including the e-mail address in the cases that had an inquiry. In addition, I may do intelligence for the purpose of service improvement and the improvement to a customer in others.

2.About a use purpose of the personal information

The personal information that I acquired with the spiral up Co., Ltd.,

・To reply it for the contents of the inquiry
・Duties accomplishment about service
・Reporting such as various training, a seminar, the event
・For the improvement of our site
・Sending of the document in conjunction with our business, administration
・When an unexpected problem occurs and does it, and it is necessary to contact it

Within the center and the purpose that I did, I use it.


Reference about the privacy policy

To spiral up representative director Kunio Hara Co., Ltd.


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