To the one that wants to conduct a business the person who wants to open a shop abroad

海外でお店を出したい方・ビジネスをしたい方へ「Anyone has the dream “to want to conduct a business by oneself” that wants to open a shop once.
However, I open a shop abroad, and there are sale, courage in one’s quotient materials.

But the population will continue decreasing if I think about from this Japanese and will be that the worker population that is the class of convincing purchasing decreases.
Naturally the place where “a fierce fight” is predicted as for the business in the country because the retired employee by the bad times aims at “the independence” in the market while I reduce.

May I not move the battlefield abroad anyway if it is a great fight?

It is because there is not the superior thing as product and service of Japan.

■As a restaurant of eating and drinking … Japan, I am particular about taste, and there is no place giving close service.
Interior decoration with the design which is rich in waiting on customers full of the hospitality and the menu constitution full of dreams. I cannot help remembering the splendor of the restaurant of Japan so as to appear if I appear abroad.

■Sale … sale-style full of the Japanese love to think of a visitor and a product after selling, and having sold not an end is a cynosure in the world.
In the foreign countries even if “order it, do not feel relieved”. Confirm whether the product is really contained in a bag. Therefore even place is so that there is it a Japanese merchant is honest, and how it is faithfulness.

■It is not necessary to talk about the good manufacturing of technology … Japan now.
Even if it is said that seem to be caught up with Korea and the middle state of the nation; the top after all more marked as for the general technology Japan.

How about?
After all the product and service of Japan are splendid in this way even if I review it.

Do you not realize it on an inspection tour of the spiral up once if you cannot realize it?
And, please consider where business of your own works to.

Surely I should notice.
A chance being infinite abroad.

With we spiral up, let’s challenge the global market full of dreams if we make the same challenge!



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