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意思、焦点、行動、言葉、共感、仲間、家族 ~事業は一人なり~

Action guidance

1.Will  2.Action  3.Sympathy  4.Word  5.Focus  6.companion  7.Family

There is the way in the place with the will

Of the life focus, and let’s take out a one step foot. An action brings up feelings, and the feelings let an action accelerate.
Acquaintances supporting can do it by all means by using the positive words thoroughly.
If I do not think about only one’s thing and am not the person who can sympathize with the pain of the person, there is not the living qualification.
I make a friend supporting, and let’s grow up together to be concrete while rubbing it.
I am aware that it is one’s blood and is meat, and the family makes it happy by all means.
And oneself will run on the way becoming happy.
I have will well and focus, and let’s run.
I decide that we succeed when we find happiness, and let’s race.

There is the way in the place with the will by all means.

Company information

Company name Spiral up Co., Ltd. May, 2011
Representative Kunio Hara service Consulting to praise
Adress 〒662-0962 5-9-302, Matsushitacho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo one’s own bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
TEL / FAX 0798-34-1163
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