To the person who wants to do a seminar and consulting abroad

I enter into the excessive competition era of the consultant

ロサンゼルスでのセミナー風景(講師:当社代表・原)Japan is going to enter now in the unprecedented “consultant suffering times”.

“This is because it is a consultant” that the human being that halfway resigned from a major company can do a company most quickly.
In other words it is a thing of the situation that overflows so that consultants overflow.

I am said to be a change of job glacial epoch, and it is a long time, but it is that mean it that merely change of job decreased, and there are none.
I mean that “open point” that is your business partner itself decreases after independence.

Then on earth how do you make “business” from now on?

Do you do a thing same as other consultants and people business?
So is there the possibility to be able to really overcome?

Please look even if you think.
WEB and the Internet develop and are the already times without “a commercial domain” now.
Meanwhile, a business model same as a person of the other consultants and people business is the same level, and how much may you survive from now on former times even if you fight?

In business, “a point” is longer.
Do you go ahead through there in favor of a cuttlefish?

The answer that it selects your success or failure as.

There are none if I want to go ahead through two steps of one step point than other consultants and people business unless I pay more attention to the world.
Besides, spiral up completely supports the support.

To the bright future when there is no uneasiness.
In a full support of the spiral up, I will flap together to the world!



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