Media appearance history

A seminar of us, Hara was interviewed in a 2012.11.08 news station!


[Asahi National Broadcasting] had a news station take it up.
A percussion telephone of the coverage was contained at 2:00 p.m. and had it was to have been Matsudo, Chiba and report on a seminar by chance on that day.
And, at 22:00, is televised; and …
This sense of speed!
I thought that it was great.


became independent; the first TV coverage with the news station of [Asahi National Broadcasting]. . .
is full of the feelings of thanks really gratefully.


now, “the times to praise it, and to bring you up ,” I enter in earnest.

I praise the employee and bring up the

child and let growth accelerate and, as a consultant to give the sales of the company to, still act as a world producer to introduce towards most as hard as possible again.


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