Merit of the overseas business

1I have you recognize it without the results!

海外ビジネスのメリットJapan is a country of the principle of merit system, precedent.

If it is a product and the service with the results, a chance spreads, but I do a company, and, in the case of the new face that there are not vertical and the still big results, a product new at all, there is readily no chance to some extent.

However, in the overseas United States which is tolerant of variety in particular, I accept your product and service and yourself properly for the soil which I receive without the results when “challenge mind is excellent”.

A gambling-like element was strong so far, but, please challenge it after relief whether you challenge it because spiral up supports it entirely!

2.I have abundant markets!

広がる海外市場Unlike Japan where population decrease and market reduction are demanded, it “is the world” that a big market opens.
In fact, even in that SOFTBANK, I purchased the American mobile phone carrier.
In a very large overseas market, in the sale, it may be said even if I make a great effort in this small Japan as of now even if I exist in going on soaring.

Even a place doing a seminar is the same.
Challenge; being is up to you!

3.There is Hough even if I say anything

海外活動でハクがつくHow long is there your competitor?
It may not be necessary to challenge it until a world debut and an overseas advance at the present stage if your business is the only professional company, only one in Japan.

However, it is that a competitor exists a lot if there is a person conducting a business similar to you seeing from the world.
As an example, seeing from the world, it is bound with the genre of “the management consulting” even if I say that it is only one so much if it is a person doing a management consulting.

Not only a market reduces, but also, in Japan, the saturation comes to the limit now, too.
The person who played an active part in a major company and the foreign capital retires when I take “the management consulting” for an example and finds my way to a consultant one after another. However, it may be said that I am too reckless because the number of the companies decreases in the country.

Have “new business” choose it; if is consulted, what should do?
It “plays an active part without the results abroad” It means that there is a dominant point having you choose you with word.

4.I do not waste time

時間をムダにしないIt is one method to be active steadily in the country.
However, do you not think another method to return in triumph to the country from a world debut not to want to waste time “More haste, less speed” if you think?

I might know, but, in the splendid company such as Sony and Kyocera which became the major company, I was called a venture now for the establishment of a business period and had a hard fight.

At first these companies succeed for sale abroad, and there is the history that cut the market in unsociable Japan from there.

Because you do not waste valuable time, at first does one step not step forward?

5.I make “a strength, weakness” clear and can be active strategically

戦略的に活動I ascertain your (your company) strength, weakness thoroughly and, with the spiral up, extend the strength to the run-up before the overseas debut more, and the weakness supports it to throw it on a strength.

As of now, it is all right without confidence.
Spiral up leads you to the strong company, management of the only one.


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