Message from Kunio Hara

You can use all global acquaintances and the overseas route which I built!

株式会社スパイラルアップ 代表 原Hello, it is Hara of the spiral up representative.

Originally I worked in “the spot of the business” than the Funai Research Institute era.
Funai Research Institute after resignation deep into “more spot!” I struggled out of feeling from the washing space in a ramen shop. This is because it did not want to become the on-site consultant who least understands even end work on the desk.

There was a relationship and entered the company and rotated by the seeds Ltd. afterwards with a place of splendid work to attract attention of many media. However, on the other hand, a feeling moves for the “interchange “recurrence to the spot that I deepened more” with end on-site people” and will found spiral up.

It was such me, but aimed at the seminar debut in the United States decisively because admiration to Los Angeles that I traveled in in the days of 20 generations was still left deep into a heart.

Not only almost none of English can talk, but also there is neither acquaintances nor the connection at all.
Naturally there was not even what’s called “route” to be able to trace.

The experience that what I did is always smart first, is declined by the major company when I do a tele appointment. When I do a telephone and an email repeatedly, it is declined, and several companies are ignored many times and.
Because lathi did not open, I charged and have visited it.

I took transportation expenses, but even an air fare and the hotel charges from Japan to the United States were considerable expenditure.

The thing and the other called a strong dream (desire) were from a strong sense of impending crisis when I said why I did it to there.

Of the bad times that Japan has a long now is right in the middle.
In the government announcement, there was the time called the prosperity, but after all, in the spot of the business that we contact with, there is a severe thing.

Meanwhile, it is tormented by a terrible sense of impending crisis if I think that I survive, and there is even night not to be able to sleep.
I want to only do something by one’s hand if it is over in haste!
I want to open a market by one’s hand!

Strong thought moved me.
Therefore I was able to do it.

Even if even if is declined, is declined; over and over again.
However, as a result, the American company of several became able to give an advisor contract to me now, and it was before you could admit from Mr. mark low den rugger of former Vice President Disney. (look at a talk animation)

I spent myself, a large amount of expense before I reached here and spent great time.

It was not useless at all, but does not want everybody to do the same failure that I failed in in its own right. It is that thought so that I may succeed in a shorter term more smoothly if I can donate only the successful route and acquaintances, contents to everybody.

In other words it is a thing called the extract only for good places that I provide.

A mark of former Vice President Disney says even the talk like the point, but, as for the Japanese service and technique, the product, there is a splendid thing.
It may be said that the Japanese grain with detail is prominent in the world.

The Japanese can make his/her debut in the world still more from now on.

Your service and product, technique are necessary for it.
It gives life to ability for your consulting.
There is the place where yourself flap properly.

Therefore I will challenge it with me daringly by all means because I contribute route and acquaintances, all including the ground of the seminar which I reclaimed to you!

Spiral up supports your success overall!
At first, please feel free to contact me.


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