The produce that the strength of your company is merely made the ultimate as well as a world debut

Because they customize one one (every no company) after a contract, follows are an example to the last.
(the extract of each course.) The course details look at a footline;)


At first, please inquire whether you come to our seminar

This is the contact details.>>>






I hear it thoroughly

It is with the minutes



Analysis of a strength and the weakness of your company (product)

Strengthen the strength more; in only one. The weakness is with an advice sheet changing into a strength



I advise you that a high evaluation is got by presentation and the seminar in foreign countries



I go abroad and really perform presentation and a seminar



Support of construction and the sales promotion of sale, the contract route

I show you a method to find seminar holding and an advisor point regularly.

Unit price in Japan improves to 5 times – 10 times at a stretch!

単価が一気に5倍~10倍にアップ a series of flows at a stretch if, for example, it is the consultant.

In addition, I polish up the contents such as service or product contents in a short term and can omit a waste of time. In the present age when it is speedy with the pressure, it is business itself and that your life itself is wasted to waste time!

However, in the business developed country including foreign countries particularly the United States, I can touch a difference to the rival by support of the spiral up at a stretch because it is a rational way of thinking and hates a waste of time.


I prepare for a course depending on the situation of your company

By a spiral up original method, I completely support your world debut!

■With the branding coaching once three hours 100,000 yen, minutes (as for the transportation expenses, the hotel charges separately)


Individual coaching to advance in a private lesson.
I revise the irreplaceable value of your company (you) more and raise it to the place to deserve a world debut.

After having explained a summary about “world debut” of the spiral up produce or “overseas branding”, assuming the world debut of your company (you), I do coaching severely thoroughly for three hours.

When the which is uneasy making executive coaching and made-to-order produce suddenly has at first attend this branding coaching course; contents and bare fine weather.
Contents as I am equivalent to speedup for a half year by slightly 3-hour attendance.

  • Analysis of a strength, the weakness of your company and each reinforcement, improvement!
  • As well as foreign countries, you create value to pass as “winners” in a business scene in Japan!
  • I install a basic style to be able to fight in foreign countries particularly a rational, speedy market including the United States in you!

■With the executive coaching eight hours 300,000 yen, minutes a day (as for the transportation expenses, the hotel charges separately)


Full-scale coaching to advance by a one-to-one.
Not only I raise the value of your company (you), but also initiate you into thorough “mission” of the most important element and the formation of acquaintances and the success technique for business.

Improvement, the reinforcement program of your company to perform by a spiral up original method thoroughly for eight hours a day.

Contents as the share does speedup the business of your company by only one-day attendance for two years.
“How can the acquaintances who should build it do it?” “What are really necessary acquaintances?” “What is the success technique that does not need to take a roundabout way?” “The business that neither the time nor the expense performs loss” of? The practical know-how instruction and coaching that などなど, all the things that were full of uneasiness until now can wipe out.

    • By review and thorough “mission”, I can build large-boned business model


  • By a program to make know-how practice after one of impracticable learning all blood relatives


■With the custom tailoring produce one year support 3 million yen, minutes (as for the transportation expenses, the hotel charges the actual expenses)


It is a full support in your company through one year. I start from zero by full custom tailoring and support it to infinity.
Not only I have you completely install a method of the spiral up, but also provide acquaintances and pulling in customers know-how, all including the practice know-how of the business which our oneself obtained.

In a full support of one year, the success of the business of your company was virtually promised.
By produce of you … spiral up which chose the way of the company that the life and the failure that once does not establish are not tolerated, please obtain the future bright by all means.

  • I introduce acquaintances of the executive class which spiral up built
  • Pulling in customers know-how instruction and practice in a seminar and the presentation in foreign countries. And it is a full support of the pulling in customers
  • Complete instruction of the presentation that making a promise is over. Overseas business route architectural support.
  • Every business support that your company expects

At already useless time, I do not waste the expense and finish it

As for the made-to-order produce, a first year contract rate is expensive with 3 million yen (the means of payment including the division guides you lump sum payment in some cases), but is ideal for uneasy whether a route succeeds at all in and a seminar and the presentation that there is not for a company in one with the uneasiness, the foreign countries.
Depending on an occupation, there are none by the at all big investment even if I say anything because the success or failure of your business is the fixed times.

The executive coaching “has the good product, but I am good for some reason and cannot sell it in Japan”. It is most suitable for .
In addition, it is the course that there is no longer towards the consultant who I work as a seminar lecturer abroad, and wants to raise a position in Japan.

It is upper in the business stage which a marketing power, brand power rises at a stretch when I have you use executive coaching and made-to-order produce, and was unprecedented.

Furthermore, at first the person who wants to be asked about the detailed content come to the seminar of the spiral up.






consulting course

1) Standard plan

p02Initial payment 700,000 yen + 12 monthly payments of 100,000 yen.
Networking introductions in California or New York
(experts such as lawyers, accountants, or financial planner etc.)

VISA Support with 1 year warranty + counseling by mail twice a month

2) Medium plan

Initial payment 700,000 yen + 12 monthly payments of 250,000 yen
Everything from standard plan + monthly 2 hour consultation + unlimited mail support.

3) Special plan

Initial payment 3,000,000 yen + 36 monthly payments of 350,000 yen
Everything from medium plan + up to 2 management seminars in NY and LA per year.

4) Order-made plan

p04We can make a special plan just for your company.
20,000,000 yen (Business Guarantee)
* Travelling and lodging expenses not included.


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