What is “World debut” !?

“World debut” of the up spiral accelerating your business most

Reconfirmation and world good Japanese value in own to charge … and acquisition of “the global market”


  • A lecture, a seminar makes its debut abroad
  • A distribution channel is established in global market
  • Construction of the business strategy to be good in global

With the spiral up, I am specialized in such a “global market” and “overseas business” and support your company.

There are no “principle of results serious consideration” and “principle of such as Japan precedent inheritance” abroad.
Rather I respect a new challenge and tend to want to use the new human resource.

It will come by the immensity from the tolerant climate not unsociable climate such as Japan.
Therefore one having just finished making a company become independent, and, towards length, want at first to make its debut abroad! The person who wants to widen new quotient materials and new service in the world all the more.

The spiral up establishes a branch office in the United States, and the meeting place of reclamation and the seminar lecture of the market looks for your company day and night to respond, and the resident staff takes the perfect backup system until – pulling in customers. Of course the local chamber of commerce and the Japanese-root with person groups are huge rocks, too.

In addition, what spiral up prepares for in the debut of all of you extends over the American (California in particular) U.K., Taiwan, many divergences including Finland.
Because it is relatively safe, and all are areas with many Japanophiles, and a lot of Japanese-people are places to be, you can challenge it in peace.

In addition, which will be that your company can play an active part in all parts of the world now because I am reclaiming other countries and the route to the area.

 I recommend it to such a person


  • The consultant who wants to do the training and instruction abroad
  • The one that wants a world person to hear a story as “a seminar lecturer” slowly and carefully
  • The person who wants to sell Japan’s original you’s original product abroad

When the world makes its debut, big result is provided in a short term.

In fact including the consulting contract of the nail salon where advisor contract and the Hollywood celebrity of the restaurant which is famous from a seminar of only the once suddenly even in the United States go to in the myself unknown “foreign countries” where had neither acquaintances nor the connection at all may have a contract in sequence.

However, on the other hand, by the problems of VISA, these contracts are shelved for 1:00 period, and it is a fact that had a hard time unexpectedly.

Therefore it is the contents that it is said to have you utilize only a part of “the extract” that you removed the part of “the trouble” in my experience that spiral up gets ready in your company.

You should go abroad and are to understand it, but Japanese value itself including the splendor of the service of Japan and the Japanese grain smallness is the world’s best level.
Therefore please, please challenge the global market with confidence.
You are all right!

Spiral up supports it!


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