Praise it, and bring you up; personnel training of the Spiral up

Spiral up solves “the trouble of the person” of your company

Praise spiral up; an upbringing lecture details animation

The spiral up is a company of the personnel training “to praise it, and to bring up”. The reason why I founded this company is because I knew most of the managers of the world, that I say, and “almost all” is troubled with “a human resource”. It is three with the trouble of the talented person in the company concretely.

In fact, these troubles are caused by the fundamentally same factor. “Without charm as for it in your company”, “a manager not watching the staff properly.” Therefore the good talented person does not enter and leaves it even if I think that I entered. In addition, I am not brought up well.

The person changes when praised, and the person is going to grow when I change

人材はほめられると伸びようとするThe Japanese is a race “not to praise” from old days. It is so at the time of child care, and even couple relations are so. It is not said that I praise my child and one’s spouse particularly in public. Because I am embarrassed. Because self-praise is shameful. The reason will be it in various ways, but it becomes too much natural not to praise it and does not praise a subordinate and the co-worker who try a member of society hard even if it is. What will happen if not praised? If it is a human being, it is about a commonplace that motivation falls down even if I do my best hard. にも did not affect it, and the manager and the executive, the boss did not notice it for a long time.

Result one after another! In the company which a quitting a job rate decreases, and a talented person is brought up, and develops!

 離職率が低下し、人材が育つIt is the personnel training technique that tidy result appears by the results not は, an impracticable theory “to praise it, and to bring up” of the spiral up. The “Homeiku” theory of American Will Schutz psychology becomes the base. Please try personnel training “to praise it, and to bring up” of the spiral up by all means if you are good and did not go enough although your company did personnel training by various technique until now. Of “Homeiku” which a seminar and the training are only attended once, and we push let’s be to be able to understand profundity. Please send the communication to the inquiry without hesitation at any time willingly.


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