Dear Ms. from thirty representative director Harumi Ikezaki who received world debut produce Ltd.:

Q1、What kind of thing were you troubled with before receiving world debut produce?

Can I really do it in the United States?

What kind of person will participate in a seminar?

I was troubled when I did not understand how it was connected after a debut in America at all.


Q2、What knew the world debut produce in an opportunity?

   I asked Hara directly at the seat of the social gathering of Nanimen


Q3、I would have you produce a world debut, or were you not at a loss?

  I was at a loss. It becomes an answer same as Q1 what was troubled with, but have produce it this time; next; tied it, and the did not know it, and hesitated.


Q4、It became when I decided it, and what asked it for world debut produce?

   Hara having talked eagerly. It is only this.


Q5、I received world debut produce, and how really about?

   I felt that I was a really negative human being. I got advice from Hara several times on the way in the United States.

Because there were the words, I feel like having pushed it forward before. I can send oneself unlike Japan and am the feeling that seems to be connected next.


Q6、I would like a message to a person receiving world debut produce from now on.

   I was told by Hara many times, but it is really important to let you become clear whether you want to do it what oneself wants to convey. I need the physical strength, too.

Both the feeling and the body recommend that they train robustness. It is that the hand of the question goes up the place unlike a seminar to perform in Japan immediately.

Because a question goes up it immediately, a seminar is on the way, and it may stop what I do not understand, to feel that I doubt, but, as for noticing it as the amount, the lecturer, there is the thing which is not felt in Japan.

I perform a seminar in the United States and think that it was really good.



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